[racket] A compile problem

From: Gin (fm369o802340 at 163.com)
Date: Tue Sep 3 22:06:27 EDT 2013

because I want to use boost and window lib in my racket c/c++ extens
At last I use cgc with my racket program, I compiled from the source code.

All is good,but I get a problem.

When I use raco exe and ctool compile my rkt files.
If I don't change any source code, the exe that raco make is not same with before raco make.
I mean. when I run raco make exe, exe's md5 is changed, I want to make a update in a big project. And I have a md5 check,but I don't want to update racket's exe every time.

Do you have any way? Thank you very much!
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