[racket] Sfont a collection for manipulating fonts

From: Daniele Capo (capo.daniele at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 30 07:38:32 EDT 2013


In the last two months I've published on github my personal project, sfont (
https://github.com/danielecapo/sfont)*, a collection for writing, reading
and manipulating fonts. Since then I've tried to improve the code, add new
features, remove errors etc. and now (fighting against my terrible shyness)
I think I can ask for suggestion, critiques, etc.

I've used this project as a mean to learn Racket and, generally,
programming, that's why the code is not very clean.
My idea was that the DrRacket REPL was a nice environment to work with
fonts and make experiments.

Anyway, I still have to write a decent documentation (is a really hard
thing to do, given the state of my english), and improve several parts of
the code.


*I've seen in a video of RacketCon that Matthew Butterick cited Sfont at
the end of his talk.

daniele capo
viale iv novembre, 8/a
01100 viterbo

via mazzetta, 10
01100 viterbo

tel. (+39) 328.30.51.751

my (new) website: http://www.danielecapo.com
daniele’s flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielecapo/
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