[racket] Reasonable subset of packages in 5.3.6 for "minimal" installation?

From: Josh Tilles (merelyapseudonym at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 25 17:33:03 EDT 2013

Context for my question: I'm working on the Homebrew formula for
and I'd like to offer a version that has as few dependencies as possible.
>From what I've seen of the current state of the repository, it seems like
the PLTeam has already adopted the ideas that Matthew Flatt explored in
min-racket <https://github.com/mflatt/min-racket>. I've tried to reproduce
a similar situation with the 5.3.6 release.

>From all of the packages that are usually installed by default in
I selected the following:

   - compiler
   - data
   - db
   - dynext
   - ffi
   - file
   - json
   - launcher
   - net
   - openssl
   - pkg
   - planet
   - racket
   - raco
   - reader
   - s-exp
   - setup
   - syntax
   - unstable
   - version
   - xml

So, is this reasonable? Or is it a misguided idea, fated to plunge users of
Homebrew into a morass of mysterious errors?

Thank you for any guidance,
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