[racket] raco setup abort if pre-install-collection fails?

From: Daniel Patterson (dbp at riseup.net)
Date: Thu Oct 24 11:25:10 EDT 2013


We have a package that pre-compiles some code from a #lang to racket
(which is needed for an unrelated reason). This is done via raco setup
"pre-install-collection" (in info.rkt).

The problem is that this compilation can fail, and if it does, the
actual setup (which includes this file many places) fails in an
unpleasant way: there are a couple screenfulls of errors complaining
that the file to import is blank.

This makes it somewhat difficult to actually figure out what went wrong
(what we have all subconsciously started doing is trying to hit Ctrl-C
as quickly as possible once we start seeing the failures ), because there
is so much to scroll past just to see what happened.

So what I'm wondering is: is there any way for a pre-install-collection
to abort the entire raco setup process? Or is there a way to have some
predicate test after the pre-install-collection is built and before the
rest of the package is built?

Or is there another way we should be doing this? It's important that the
process works with .plt files. Not sure anyone wants to see specifics,
but if you do, the relevant starting point is:

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