[racket] Scribble secref unlinked in PDF output

From: Tim Jervis (tim at timjervis.com)
Date: Wed Oct 23 18:02:27 EDT 2013

Dear Racket Users,

I have been writing a document in Scribble, without output to PDF. The table of contents of the PDF nicely links the entries in the table to the sections in the document, so that when viewing the PDF on screen rather than paper, one can click or tap on a line in the table of contents to quickly navigate to the relevant section. Unfortunately, if I add a secref element in the body of the document, it is not rendered in the same way and the secref elements are not clickable on screen.

My investigation into this so far has revealed to me that the table of contents linking appears to be handled with the LaTeX Hyperref package, and is taken out of Scribble's hands.

For HTML output, Scribble seems able to render links just fine. I wonder if Scribble has been written without the notion that PDF output might be viewed on screen, so the link elements have been neglected.

In any event, is there a way to render a PDF with "live" secref links, to give similar functionality to the table of contents?

Kind regards,


Tim Jervis


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