[racket] IRC library

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Oct 16 03:28:13 EDT 2013

10 hours ago, Jonathan Schuster wrote:
> For anyone interested, I'd like to announce the release of my IRC
> client library for Racket. It packages up the client side of the IRC
> protocol and does most of the hard processing for you, wrapping
> everything into a simple API. It's available as a package: [...]

To complement that, I finally pushed my bot to github:

This is very different From Jon's library -- it's intended to run as a
standalone bot.  It started its life a long time ago, as an experiment
in making a more organized rudybot (https://github.com/offby1/rudybot)
and maybe it will be useful in getting there (it was designed with the
kind of flexibility that should make reimplementing rudybot realtively

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