[racket] Eval, namespaces redefinitions, and (maybe) code-inspectors

From: Galler (lzgaller at optonline.net)
Date: Tue Oct 15 00:51:53 EDT 2013

> I don't see any obstacle to adding a more fine-grained reflective
> operation, such as `namespace-set-variable-constant!`. Would that be
> useful?
I don't think the introduction of namespace-set-variable-constant! worth 
the effort, though I thank you for the solution.
Let me explain my reasoning:
The context is using eval in a module defined with #lang s-expr 
there are two distinct sub-problems involving re-definition
Problem one is the potential for an eval'd expression to re-define the 
(provide ..)ed-bindings of <my-language-module> (including potentially 
eval itself, were it one of the exports)
Problem two  is the potential for an eval'd expression to re-define a 
previously eval'd binding.
Problem one is solved by  your suggestion of  
(namespace-require/constant ''m)
For Problem two, I can rename-out a safe-define which memq's the 
namespace bindings and prevents re-definition
I hope my terminology was understandable. I'm new to writing languages 
and evaluators.
On a separate note, I got an enormous amount of value from your ACM 
paper "Creating Languages in Racket"
The other piece of writing that was revelatory was Matthias' "Racket 
The expressive power of the #lang system and define-syntax is 
staggering.  Also, I was an idiot for hanging on to defmacro style 
macros for so long.
Thank you very much.

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