[racket] /inform requests in web-server

From: Matthew Butterick (mb.list.acct at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 10 20:22:42 EDT 2013

I have a default route attached to dispatch-rules which was annoying the
webserver by catching requests for /inform.

0) Is /inform in the docs?

1) Where are /inform requests coming from, and what are they used for?

2) Is there a way of turning them off if not needed for my application?

3) I fixed my default route by just passing through /inform requests:

(define request-url (request-uri req))
(when (not (equal? (url->string request-url) "/inform"))

Is this a legit way of handling them?

4) Are there other silent, periodic requests like /inform that need to be
passed through in the same way?


Matthew Butterick
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