[racket] Getting the behavior of scribble/doclang2, but without decode

From: Matthew Butterick (mb.list.acct at gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 26 18:42:52 EDT 2013

When you use scribble/doclang2 in a submodule, it provides the textual
content of the submodule with the symbol 'doc. However, it first passes the
content through the scribble decoder.

I'd like to get the behavior of scribble/doclang2, but without the decode
step (so I just get the raw textual content from 'doc.)

I cloned the source for scribble/doclang and scribble/doclang2 under new
names and just yanked out the call to decode. That worked.

But I'm wondering if there's a more elegant way of circumventing decode.

Scribble/doclang2 allows you to set a #:post-process step, but only after

Also, scribble/text is not the answer, because it can't be used as a
submodule language.


Matthew Butterick
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