[racket] Redex hackfest

From: Alex Marquez (nam at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu May 23 13:43:18 EDT 2013

Several of us at the NEU Programming Research Laboratory are interested in improving Redex and will be having a hackfest to do so, scheduled for sometime in the first week of June.

We invite whomever would like to join to express their interest and availability, as that will influence the exact schedule.  It is not required to be physically at NEU; rather, one may simply take the opportunity to hack remotely and communicate via e-mail or IRC, taking advantage of the collective focus on Redex for the time.

Our high-level, provisional "wishlist" for changes to Redex is available at:

Please feel free to comment on these features or add to them as you see fit.  Until the hackfest, we will be using this thread to discuss logistics and these features.

Alex Marquez

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