[racket] Parens/string quotes automatic behavior

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 22 10:07:35 EDT 2013


The new behavior of automatic parenthesis matching is really nice, but
there is one problem with string quotes.
For example, if the cursor is in the middle of a string and I type the
string-quote symbol ", it places a quote which cuts the current string and
leaves the right part in a bad syntax.

Most of the time, when I type a quote inside a string, it's because I want
to split the string in two parts.
To do that, I have to type string-quote, string-quote, delete (to remove
the extra string-quote added by the paren-match behavior), and left to go
back between the two strings, which is mildly annoying.

Would it be possible (unless problematic) to have the default paren-match
behavior for strings that splits the string instead of inserting a single
string-quote, possibly unless the left symbol is a backslash?

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