[racket] Compiling Racket for Command-Line Use Only

From: Nathan Campos (nathanpc at dreamintech.net)
Date: Sun May 19 13:16:20 EDT 2013

    I was thinking about using Racket in my HP Jornada 720 (running Linux
of course) just for fun, since it's a cool little machine. The problem is
that Racket requires FLTK and a all the stuff to run the graphical
environment and libraries, which will make a process a lot harder, since
I'll have to compile all the X11 stuff, then compile FLTK, then Racket.

    Since all the projects I'll run there are going to be built for
command-line, is there any flag I can set to make Racket compile only the
command-line stuff and ignore the graphical part?

*Nathan Campos*
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