[racket] Problem Stream with alternating values

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 19 05:22:41 EDT 2013

Your function H1 is not lazy enough.

Closely following the instructions of the exercise I immediately come with:

(define (dan-then-dog)
 (cons "dan.jpg"
  (lambda () ???)))

Can you fill in the question-marks?

Can easily be done with stream-cons too:

(define dan-then-dog-str (stream-cons "dan.jpg" ...))

but this is not according to the exercise, I think. In the exersize a stream
is defined as a thunk.


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> Subject: [racket] Problem Stream with alternating values
> I'm doing this problem:
> 6. Write a stream dan-then-dog, where the elements of the stream
> alternate between the strings "dan.jpg" and "dog.jpg" (starting with
> "dan.jpg"). More specically, dan-then-dog should be a thunk that when
> called produces a pair of "dan.jpg" and a thunk that when called
> produces a pair of "dog.jpg" and a thunk that when called... 
> etc. Sample
> solution: 4 lines.
> and I cannot for the life of me understand why the following code does
> not produce a properly thunked stream. It evaluates the 
> entries until it
> runs out of memory
> (define dan "dan.jpg")
> (define dog "dog.jpg")
> (define (dan-then-dog)
>   (define (H1 st0 b0)
>     (cond
>       [(= b0 1) (H1 (stream-cons dan st0) 0)]
>       [else     (H1 (stream-cons dog st0) 1)]
>       )
>     )
>   (H1 empty-stream 1))
> Can somebody please explain why my understanding of Racket streams is
> faulty?
> Thanks,
> Patrick Sweetman
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