[racket] [Typed Racket] "define-predicate" in Racket 5.3.4

From: Paul Leger (pleger at gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 9 22:57:48 EDT 2013

Hi all,
    In the Racket 5.3.4, I defined the following predicate
   >(define-predicate A? Procedure)

   and later, I tried using as follow:
   >(A? 'a)

  But I have the following error:
  >recursive-contract: contract violation
  >expected: flat-contract?
  >given: #<|chaperone-case->|>

BTW, in this version, Is it possible to define predicate with a specific
(define-type A (Boolean -> Boolean))
(define-predicate A? A)

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