[racket] 5.3.4 on windows .. minor gripe

From: Shannon Severance (sseverance at e-dialog.com)
Date: Thu May 9 14:32:50 EDT 2013

Which version of 64 bit windows? On Windows 7, 64 bit, my start menu looks like:
[cid:image002.png at 01CE4CA8.F004DBB0]
Items below the circled separator line are, as far as I can tell, a most recently used from the start menu list. If you run DrRacket, I would expect it to show up here. I have pinned the items above the separator bar.

Right mouse click on an all programs item, or a MRU item and select pin to start menu to get it pinned above the separator in the start menu.
[cid:image003.png at 01CE4CA8.F004DBB0]

I think it would be bad form for an installer to decide to pin items onto the start menu.

If the pictures don’t make it though, let me know and I’ll host them onto the web in a few hours.

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I've just installed 5.3.4 for windows 64 bit. I've ended up with a GRacket icon in my start menu,
whereas I'd rather expect a DrRacket.
DrRacket is installed and running lovely from the "Programs" menu.
But it's at least one (if not two) more clicks away!

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