[racket] typed racket slow?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed May 8 13:55:28 EDT 2013

Three hours ago, Ray Racine wrote:
> On a tangent, if you run your Racket on Linux (like anyone would use
> anything else :0 ) you can "install" *.rkt files as executables with
> binfmt.
> [...]
> Better odds Eli has something done along these lines polished to
> perfection. : )

I played with it in the past (IIRC, there's some kernel version of
doing the same which is what I used) -- but there's not much that you
get from it...  I think that it's better to use zsh:

  $ alias -s rkt=racket
  $ echo "#lang racket (apply * (range 1 11))" > /tmp/x.rkt
  $ /tmp/xxx.rkt

With the kernel thing you have the added advantage of running it as an
executable from anywhere -- but it's not portable anyway.

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