[racket] Mischief: A Racketeer's Toolkit (new general-purpose "Planet 2" package)

From: Carl Eastlund (cce at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 31 14:47:13 EDT 2013

I recently uploaded a new package called "mischief" to pkg.racket-lang.org,
it can be installed by running "raco pkg install mischief".  It contains a
rather broad spectrum of libraries, there's no one central theme, it's just
all the libraries I've been building up since I stopped maintaining the
cce/scheme package on Planet.  It installs three collections: "mischief"
for most of the libraries, and "debug" and "no-debug" for the
debug-printing utilities.

The highlights of the mischief package are, in my estimate:

- #lang mischief which includes #lang racket, many collections from racket/
and syntax/, and most of mischief/

- debug and no-debug, which give better options for debug printing than
unstable/debug, plus #lang debug/racket and #lang debug/mischief that apply
debugging to whole modules in one line

- mischief/stylish, which is more uniform and easier to customize
pretty-printing than racket/pretty

- mischief/scope, which I think makes internal definition contexts much
easier to work with for advanced macros

- mischief/for, which adds some useful additional loops like for/append and

- mischief/memoize, for automatically memoized functions with full support
for optional, keyword, and rest arguments

Right now the documentation is bare-bones and short on examples, and the
test suites are practically non-existent.  Suggestions, comments, and
critiques are welcome; patches would make you my hero.  The sources are on
github at:


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