[racket] Racket 5.3.3 vs OpenBSD 5.3

From: Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado (iam at juanfra.info)
Date: Sat Mar 30 19:16:42 EDT 2013

On 03/30/13 17:22, Alexander Shendi wrote:
> Hello
> I have problems compiling racket 5.3.3 under OpenBSD 5.3.
> The platform is i386. Configure flags are: "--prefix=/usr/local --disable-docs"
> I have 2 GB of RAM. The cairo version installed is cairo-1.12.14.
> "gmake install" fails with the following error message:
> [output omitted]
> raco setup:  in graphics/scribblings
> raco setup: making: graphics/tests
> raco setup:  in graphics/tests
> raco setup: making: gui-debugger
> raco setup:  in gui-debugger
> Seg fault (internal error) at 0x6918246
> Abort trap (core dumped)
> gmake[1]: *** [install-3m] Error 134
> gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/alexshendi/sources/packages/racket-5.3.3/src/
> build1'
> gmake: *** [install] Error 2
> What could be the cause of this error?
> racket-textual compiles w/o error.
> I need the full version of racket because I want to use
> the new math library and typed racket.
> Any hints would be appreciated.

Hi. I'm the maintainer of Racket on OpenBSD. It will be imported soon, 
be patient :) . You can download the port from 
github.com/jasperla/openbsd-wip or from ports@ mailing list (search 
"racket" in the archives).

If you still wanting to compile racket from outside of ports, read the 
comments in the Makefile of the port.

Your issue is a bug known of pixman on OpenBSD i386. I guess you can 
compile racket-textual because this doesn't compile "gui-debugger" or 
doesn't reach the broken part of pixman/cairo, I'm not sure. The bug is 
in a call to "sse2_composite_over_n_8_8888()" and 

You have two options:
- Use amd64. It works OK.
- Compile pixman (xenocara/lib/pixman) on i386 with sse disabled. 
. "make obj", "make clean", "make depend", "make" and "make install". 
Racket works when pixman doesn't use sse.


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