[racket] Live coding screencasts

From: Garjola (garjola at garjola.net)
Date: Tue Mar 26 05:42:55 EDT 2013

Danny Yoo <dyoo at hashcollision.org> wrote:
>> I find that seeing someone else explaining how to program is much better
>> than reading a book, although I like to spend time reading someone
>> else's code.
> Have you looked at these yet?
>     https://github.com/plt/racket/wiki/Videos
> For example, Danny Heap's videos, such as:
>     http://www.cdf.toronto.edu/~heap/Racket/recursion.html

D. Heap's tutorials are very nice indeed, but I was looking for
something a little bit more advanced.

I will browse the video list on the wiki to see what I find.



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