[racket] Some tips regarding a math/matrix bug?

From: Daniel King (danking at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 25 22:24:21 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I just submitted a bug report on the main racket bug report page; however, I'd
like some guidance/assistance as to how to mitigate that problem in the

Along with the three fine gentlemen CC'd (please CC them in later
communications), I am working on a senior-year software development project at
Northeastern. The project is essentially a reverse image search. In implementing
this, we intend to take advantage of Racket's brand new math library and Typed

We also intend to compile-to-executable the entire project. Mainly because our
professor requests that the final product be an executable.

The essence of the bug is that a program which depends on `math/matrix' and is
compiled-to-executable (`raco exe'), will encounter run-time
namespace/dependency problems (i.e. it will fail to run).

To our problem:

 - Can someone provide insight as to the pros and cons of compilation (to
   executable)? Do we lose a significant amount of performance by not compiling
   (to executable)?

 - How does compilation to executable compare to byte-code compilation?

 - Any ideas as to avoiding this issue in the first place? Forcing the compiler
   to include the necessary dependency?

We have to hand in the project on Friday, so worst case we hand in an executable
Racket "script" which uses the JIT.


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Subject: Re: [racket-bug] all/13633: The math/matrix library doesn't
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Thank you very much for your problem report.
It has the internal identification `all/13633'.
You can check on the status of your problem report at

If you wish to provide further information regarding this problem
you can do so as a reply to this message.  (But please make sure
that your mailer replies to both "bugs" and "bug-notification".)

Dan King
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

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