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From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 14:36:36 EDT 2013

I'll be happy to help. I assume you are dealing with an exercise. Is this a
self-study or do you have a teacher? If you have a teacher he or she is the
best person to help you. Can you show me what you have so far? (if you like
off list) Without some more input from your part, it is difficult to provide
clues how to proceed without revealing too much. Which language are you
using? May be one of the student languages of Racket? 
Best wishes, Jos


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Hi All,

I am currently struggling with this function below. Can anyone help me out? 

Write the following two functions.

  ; a graph is	
  ; (make-graph (listof symbol) (symbol -> (listof symbol)))	
orm._((lib._lang%2Fhtdp-intermediate-lambda..rkt)._define-struct))>  graph
(nodes neighbor))	
  ; has-self-loop? : graph -> boolean	
  ; Determines whether any node in the given graph is its own neighbor	
  ; has-cycle? : graph -> boolean	
  ; Determines whether the given graph has a cycle.	

A cycle is a path from a node to itself, and a self-loop is a special case
of a cycle that consists of only a single edge. 

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