[racket] Help generating PDF documents with Scribble

From: George Rudolph (rudolphg1 at citadel.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 21 16:30:48 EDT 2013

I am running Racket 5.3.1 on Windows 7.

When I include the style parameter as you have shown, either in your document or mine:
1. command line 
        scribble example_paper2.scrbl
    generates the expected html document.
2. command line
    scribble --pdf example_paper2.scrbl


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At Thu, 14 Mar 2013 16:52:20 -0400, "George Rudolph" wrote:
> 2. Where/how can I set the option to use number-style in the bibliography?
> I assumed it was an option in (define-cite....), but I cannot figure 
> out how to specify it correctly.

Yes, it's an option in `define-cite'.

Here's an example:


#lang scribble/base
@(require scriblib/autobib)

@(define-cite ~cite citet generate-bibliography 
              #:style number-style)

@(define a (make-bib #:author "Alpha" #:title "A" #:date 2013)) @(define b (make-bib #:author "Beta" #:title "B" #:date 2014))


The first letter@~cite[a] and the second@~cite[b].


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