[racket] 5.3.3, Scribble, (Scriblogify?), Plot, and Google's BlogSpot

From: Ryan Culpepper (ryanc at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 20 16:23:09 EDT 2013

On 03/20/2013 04:02 PM, Patrick King wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Ryan Culpepper <ryanc at ccs.neu.edu
> <mailto:ryanc at ccs.neu.edu>> wrote:
>     If I change the definition of my-space in your document to just use
>     make-base-eval, then it works for me. I suspect the problem is that
>     your evaluator's namespace doesn't have file/convertible attached,
>     whereas the result of make-base-eval does. I can't explain why it
>     works in DrRacket, though.
> I was driven to 'call-with-trusted-sandbox-configuration' and
> 'make-evaluator' rather than 'make-base-eval' to sooth Racket's paranoia
> about my trying to call my own code. Adding 'file/convertible' to my
> 'require's doesn't seem to change anything. "Scribble HTML" works as
> expected locally. Attempts to upload via Scriblogify fail as described
> before.

The file/convertible module needs to be *attached* (via 
'namespace-attach-module'), not just required. Look at the 
implementation of 'make-base-eval' in collects/scribble/eval.rkt.

>     The unmapped local image warning sounds like a profile problem.
>     Maybe the upload album has been renamed, or maybe an authorization
>     token has expired. I would recommend recreating the profile and see
>     if that helps.
> I've recreated the profile before, I'll do it again. The token idea has
> merit, especially as I have several blogs going that (I think) share the
> same album.
> Even if I have to keep manually uploading images, Scriblogify has
> greatly simplified my efforts to record my racketeering efforts ;)

I'm glad it's helpful, and I'm sorry it's not more consistent. I'll see 
if I can find any other reasons this could be going wrong.


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