[racket] Rounding

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Sun Mar 17 22:11:36 EDT 2013

> The point of rounding is coming up with the best possible integer approximation for a decimal and this nearest even number rule does not qualify. This "logic" was used by my grandparents' generation because odd numbers were seen as less pure than even ones.

This is a strawman argument.  That is not the argument for the choice
of rounding toward even.  Read again.

> I'm ditching Scheme altogether based on this, but thanks all for the good explanations, it can be confirmed by running the following (I thought it was only a fluke with 0.5):

The citations to Wikipedia and Mathworld have references to help you
see that the rounding behavior in Racket is not arbitrary, nor
exclusive to Racket alone.  Your comment seems to suggest that you
believe otherwise, but I have no idea why.  Did you read what people
have sent you?

It would be useful to know more of what you expected.    Are you
expecting rounding toward odd?  You omitted to say much.  Did you want
the ceiling function?  Did you want round-half-up?  What did you want?

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