[racket] thanks on behalf of a few thousand students

From: Dan Grossman (djg at cs.washington.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 6 23:03:25 EST 2013

Just some quick fan mail...

I know Racket has tremendous reach to students via HtDP, etc.  But I also
used it for a course I'm currently teaching on Coursera for 2 of the 7
assignments, the 2nd of which was just due.  Overall, we handled a few
thousand submissions for each assignment with basically no glitches.
(Okay, okay, we tripped across and confirmed one compiler bug, which we've
reported.)  Much appreciated!

And naturally I said nice things about Racket in the course.  (And
naturally, any of you in my shoes would have done some things differently.
:) )

Finally, as will surprise almost nobody, the installation instructions for
SML N/J and Ruby 1.9 were about 6x longer and more error-prone.  Sigh.

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