[racket] FFI Pointing to racket objects

From: Sam Vervaeck (vervaeck.sam at skynet.be)
Date: Sat Mar 2 10:35:58 EST 2013



I am forking an FFI library for physics simulation on Github
(https://github.com/samvv/Rhipmunk-Physics) but I got stuck with storing
racket objects in the library's native structs. From the library's website:
e/group__cp_body.html. Here's the part of the code that needs to be changed:


(define _cpDataPointer _racket)

(define-cstruct _cpBody


    [data _cpDataPointer] ; user-defined data, like a game object



In the following test everything seems to work as expected:


(define body1 (cpBodyNew 1.0 1.0))

(set-cpBody-data! body1 "This is a test")

(display (cpBody-data body1))

> "This is a test"

(set-cpBody-data! body1 (cons 1 2))

(display (cpBody-data body1))

> (1 . 2)


However, when I run the following code:



(display (cpBody-data body1))


Something goes wrong internally. Sometimes DrRacket crashes, sometimes it
returns values like #<bad-value>. I have looked into (malloc-immobile-cell
v) and (free-immobile-cell cptr) but I am not sure that fiddling with the
memory is such a good idea. Could you please give me any guidelines or point
me to a procedure I can use to provide this functionality?





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