[racket] Randomly unable to paste into DrRacket

From: Shanna Kahn (windariah at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 27 21:49:56 EDT 2013

I am taking Intro to Systematic Programming through Coursera and the course
uses Dr Racket.  I am having trouble pasting into the program.  I am
currently using 5.3.5, but I upgraded to this version trying to solve this
issue, so I am unsure that is playing a part.  I am using Win7 64 Bit.  I
have tried running Dr Racket as an admin, and not.  This morning I was able
to copy /paste  not running as an admin.  At one point the program locked
up, I shut it down, went to work on other things and when I restarted it I
was unable to paste again.  I have changed no settings between the two

I have tried by right clicking, edit/paste and Ctrl - V.  I have checked
keybindings to make sure Ctrl V was properly set.  I have tried opening a
new file, as well as pasting into an already saved file.  I have tried
restarting the program.  I can paste into a word file, so I know it is
going to the clipboard, but DrRacket seems to just ignore the request.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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