[racket] scribble syntax suggestion wrt text-mode and racket-mode arguments

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jun 24 05:52:35 EDT 2013

The thing is that using two {}s is actually useful for curried
functions.  For example:

  #lang scribble/text
  @(define ((foo . text1) . text2)
     @list{1. @text1
           2. @text2})
  @@foo{blah blah blah}{foo bar baz}

and this extension holds for a [] that follows a {}.

But there is a little known extension of the @... escape syntax -- you
can use bars not only to delimit the racket expression from the
surrounding text, you can also use it to include multiple expressions
with no text between them.  For example, instead of the:

> @foo{3
> 4}[5 6]

which you suggested, you can use

       4@|5 6|}

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