[racket] A Universal Compiler task for Rosetta Code

From: Zelah Hutchinson (zelah at inbox.com)
Date: Sun Jun 23 07:01:07 EDT 2013

I have seen some discussion on this list about solutions to various tasks on Rosetta Code so I don't think this post will be too out of place here. I have implemented the core of a compiler for the new programming language ZED. It takes source code written in ZED and compiles it to Racket for further compilation. I think it would be really neat to be able to compile ZED to many other languages. What I am imagining, really, is a kind of universal compiler that will translate any language to any other language so that you can write code in your language of choice and still be able to use all the facilities of other languages. So this is what I am thinking:

The task is to implement a compiler in language X that translates code written in language X to any other Rosetta Code Language.

It is trivial for me to demonstrate a first example since I already have a working compiler.

Is this of any interest to anyone here? I can write up the task, but if someone were to beat me to it, I would not mind. I am also open to suggestions and/or collaboration on creating the Rosetta Code task page.

The language ZED can be found at zedlan.blogspot.com



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