[racket] DSLs and complexity

From: John Gateley (racket at jfoo.org)
Date: Fri Jun 21 08:26:07 EDT 2013

Subject for discussion:


Interesting sentence in the middle:

Consider DSLs, abstractions and the attraction to being the one to build 
a framework that gets leveraged for years.

I think Racket is a different target: education vs. engineering (is this 
true?). As a software
engineer, I really agree with the article. Complexity is almost always a 
terrible thing,
whether it is a DSL, a complex implementation of a simple interface, or 
just the
one additional thing requested by product management that didn't fit.

For Racket: are DSLs a source of complexity? Or would you argue that 
they reduce the
complexity normally introduced with DSLs?


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