[racket] naughty dog & irrational games

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jun 17 10:28:54 EDT 2013

Thanks, Dave.  I'm wondering about use of Racket/Lisp for "The Last of 
Us" specifically, due its current celebrity buzz.

My reasons are evil plotting.  I'm thinking that there's a short time 
window during which lots of gamer kids/teens will be consuming 
articles/videos/etc. on "The Last of Us".  So, if a Naughty Dog 
developer has occasion and desire -- perhaps in an interview -- to 
suggest that kids interested in game development include exposure to 
Racket/Lisp in their education, now would be a good time.  I'd guess 
this would reach a larger group of kids than follow all the game 
development sites and conferences.

Neil V.

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