[racket] question/problem on racket/gui and 10000 pixel constraint

From: Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp (office at klepp.biz)
Date: Wed Jun 12 16:15:53 EDT 2013

In answer to my question, the easy way is to patch 
racket-5.3.4/collects/mred/private/check.rkt and 

Anybody in need of this, patch is attached.


> My application again :-)
>I need to display some hundred plots in a vertical-panel%. Each graph is ~ 
>pixel in height (and should not be smaller than 100 pixel). Now there is a 
>size constraint of 10000 pixel per area-container<%>, so that I cannot 
>display 100 graphs at a time.
>Is there an easy way to overcome this limit at least for a scrollable 
>vertical-panel% or do I have to build my own container?
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