[racket] Beginner problem

From: Steve Lett (steve.lett777 at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jun 8 22:26:23 EDT 2013

I am a beginner programmer and just came across Racket this week when I was
on the Coursera website. I found the course called Intro to Systematic
Program Design. I am trying to use Stephen Bloch's Picturing Programs. But
my first attempt was using Quick-An Introduction to Racket with Pictures.
Typing 5 I got 5. Typing "art gallery" I got "art gallery". But when I
typed (circle 10) I got an error message "circle: this function is not

If I need a library there is a problem. My only internet conection is on
the Android platform on a Galaxy Tab. So I have downloaded the DrRacket
software and transferred it to my Windows Vista Laptop. I also have an XP
desktop if I need it.

So how can I get (circle 10) to work?

Thank you for being there! It really means alot!  Steve Lett
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