[racket] issue with function "regexp-replaces"

From: Sanjeev K Sharma (throwit1 at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 7 08:57:18 EDT 2013

I have to clean up a bunch of source files that don't show properly

I have a file from which I'm reading a bunch of regular expressions to replace, things like this: 


but included in the same file (full of from-to pairs) are a bunch of straight string replacements, like this: 


I cannot figure out what's wrong with this one: what to do here


it replaces the starting "\n" but never puts in the replacement "\n" 

I've doubled/tripled/quadrupled on the backslashes


but that doesn't put in a newline, rather two separate characters,  "backslash" and "n"

any hints what I'm doing wrong here? 

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