[racket] Dynamic Templates?

From: Erik Pearson (erik at adaptations.com)
Date: Wed Jun 5 21:37:24 EDT 2013

@joe I have a relatively simple implementation of "mustache" templates
that I use for web server templating.

Something similar to your example would be

(render "Welcome {{username}}" #hasheq((username . "erik")))

where the data is a jsexpr (as in the json module).

If you are interested, I can send it. You could rip it apart and use
it. I do plan on (kinda, sorta, eventually) releasing it into the
planet and/or github, but it still needs more work, has not been
tested (other than being used and any bugs fixed.) Still, it does run
some sites that have fairly complex templates, with nested structures,
conditions (if), includes (aka "partials").


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