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From: Клочков Роман (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Mon Jun 3 04:18:31 EDT 2013

 Found typo. Should be "(require". not "@(require". All is fixed

Понедельник,  3 июня 2013, 11:34 +04:00 от Клочков Роман <kalimehtar at mail.ru>:
>Trying to write documentation
>#lang scribble/manual 
>@(require (for-label racket)) 
>@title{GObject Introspection} 
>This is Gobject FFI. 
>Usage example: 
>(gi-ffi gtk "Gtk") 
>  ([window (gtk 'window 'new)]) (window 'show)) 
>DrRacket writes in status line: +: contract violation expected: number? given: #f argument position: 1st other arguments...: 0
>I push "Check syntax". The window hangs. To be correct, not window, but tab with the document. I still can work with other tabs.
>Racket 5.3.4, Linux
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