[racket] Processing and Racket

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 1 19:43:07 EDT 2013

Sean, thank you very much for the frank criticism of Racket and its culture. 

Here are some reactions. 

1. A few years ago I tried twice to get into Processing. I saw parallels to our
work, and I wanted to know why Processing was taking off. To be honest, I 
could not handle it and gave up. The Java baggage was visible and turned me
off. I am too much of a computer scientist. 

2. You seem to be saying that Processing has computational constructs that
Racket should pick up. Can you spell this out? I think we would love to help
out here. -- I see a CS challenge here and I can't help but feel like tackling it :-) 

3. I am not a web designer and I probably lack the eye for good design, 
but your comparison needs a clarification. You write that you are comparing
the home pages of Racket and Ruby but it seems to me that you are focusing 
on the DOCUMENTATION pages. 

Are you really saying that the looks of our documentation turns off readers? 

4. Finally, I think you are asking for an "artistic" content for our Quick
introduction. Can you sketch out concretely what you think we should show off? 

Again, I think the material exists and perhaps needs a bit of a writing. 

Thanks -- Matthias

On Jun 1, 2013, at 4:30 PM, Sean McBeth wrote:

> I had some thoughts today about Racket and apparent influences it has had on Processing (and by extension Arduino). I'd be interested to hear what the Racket community itself thinks of Processing and the sorts of things people do with it, in comparison to Racket.
> http://moron4hire.tumblr.com/post/51904590190/processing-and-racket
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