[racket] review my tutorial?

From: grant centauri (gcentauri at lincolnix.net)
Date: Tue Jul 30 14:34:45 EDT 2013

hello all,

i wrote a programming tutorial which connects Common Lisp to the Minecraft
Pi edition, attempting to illustrate recursion through the process of
building a tower.

after publishing it on my personal site, I realized no one was likely to
ready it, and even if they did, it seemed unlikely that CL would be a good
choice for my audience.

I have been considering rewriting the tutorial in Racket (someone from this
list pointed me to an already written library for the API), but I am pretty
isolated in my pursuit of programming.  I work with children at a
montessori school, and have been learning programming as a hobby in the
hopes of offering rudimentary skills to kids who might be interested.
Minecraft + Raspberry Pi seemed like a good option to try something out.
It would be nice if some of you programmers and educators out there
wouldn't mind reviewing my current article and maybe offering some critique
so I can improve on it?  This list seems to be the best programming
community I can find so I thought I would ask.  Sorry it is in a foreign
dialect, but it is fairly simple.

here it is on the web:


thank you for considering!

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