[racket] OpenGL libraries, old vs. new

From: Jon Kleiser (jon.kleiser at usit.uio.no)
Date: Mon Jul 29 10:03:23 EDT 2013


On this page <http://docs.racket-lang.org/sgl/main.html> I see syntax 
like this:

(require sgl sgl/gl-vectors)
(gl-begin 'triangles)
(gl-vertex 1 2 3)

However, in the file collects/sgl/examples/alpha.rkt the syntax is more 
like this:

(glBegin GL_QUADS)
(glNormal3d 0 0 1)
(glTexCoord2i 0 0)
(glVertex3i -1 -1 1)

Which syntax style should I use? Is the first one the newest?

Is there some glut library available? I'd like to do things like 
(glutSolidCube 1.0) and (glutWireCube 1.0).


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