[racket] Where to learn advanced programming skills?

From: Joe Marshall (jmarshall at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 26 22:10:46 EDT 2013

On Jul 22, 2013 7:24 AM, "Neil Toronto" <neil.toronto at gmail.com> wrote:
> It's a bit of a shame they [monads] don't come up in Racket much,

Not really. They're overrated.

> If you try doing effectful computation in Haskell, though, you'll be
begging for something like monads within an hour. If you somehow don't know
about them, the pain will drive you to invent them yourself. You *will*
understand them, one way or another.

The primary rationale for using a monad is programming in Haskell.  I'm
aware of few other practical use cases.
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