[racket] Where to learn advanced programming skills?

From: Ben Duan (yfefyf at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 21 22:25:22 EDT 2013

Dear all,

In this mailing list, I can always find some concepts which are not
familiar to me. For example `monad' and `parameterize'. I don't know how to
learn about these kind of advanced programming skills systematically. So
I'm asking for your suggestions on where I can go next.

I have read some commonly recommended books like:
- The Little Schemer
- Essentials of Programming Languages
- HtDP
- Other books about some popular languages' syntax

These books are recommended everywhere on the Internet. But nowhere in
these books have I seen some of the concepts you've mentioned.

So, can you recommend me some books, papers, blog posts, videos, open
courses, or anything else to learn some advanced programming skills?

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