[racket] Web Framework Benchmarks

From: adam moore (nerdfunk at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 16 03:49:57 EDT 2013

Hello there, racket users!

My first post here - and it's pretty self serving, but, so it goes.

I've recently been enjoying diving into racket, starting with the
guide, and just getting my feet wet at the moment making some command
line tools, small web apps.
So, anyway, I'm not sure if anyone else on the list has seen this:


It's by no means a perfect comparison, but I think it might be
worthwhile adding a racket implementation to compare how it stacks up.
There's a benefit to be had as well - a quite high visibility example
of a "best practices" web app. It's really nice to be able to compare
simple tasks implemented in different frameworks.

I've only just started using Racket, and would not be confident to
produce a best-of-breed example... so basically I'm sending out a
(shameless) request to someone more versed in the ways of racket to
have a go at adding a racket implementation....

The five current test types are covered here (marked "Present"):


Thanks for having a look.


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