[racket] learn racket in 10 minutes

From: Richard Lawrence (richard.lawrence at berkeley.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 14 12:54:18 EDT 2013

Hi Roger,

This is cool, thanks for putting it together!

Roger Rousseau <th3rac25 at gmail.com>

> It's largely inspired from the Clojure version and the Racket documentation
> I would be grateful for any corrections/suggestions before I send a pull
> request to get this online

Here are a couple of (tiny) suggestions:

Lines 15--18: The comment here is wrong.  Text enclosed in #| ... |#
isn't a multi-line string, just a comment.

Also, I think it would be good to include an example of an S-expression
comment using `#;', which is a particularly useful form of comment.

Line 118: Under "Lists are linked-list data structures", it might be better to
use `list' as a constructor rather than `quote', e.g.,

(list 1 2 (+ 1 2)) ; => '(1 2 3)

since (a) `quote' has already appeared, and (b) `list' is probably what
you want in most contexts.

Line 133: Change "Use 'fold' to reduce them" to match the function name:


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