[racket] How to find code (that implements a widget in drracket)

From: Lorenz Köhl (rainbowtwigs at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 7 02:40:01 EDT 2013

I wanted to read/hack on the code that implements the contour window in DrRacket.

But I couldn't find it!

Don't tell me where it is though!
I'm more interested in the search process a more experienced racketeer/hacker would go through to solve this problem. What I did:

- Search the docs: Two results describing the menu entry for hiding showing the contour. I didn't see how to get to the code from here

- use 'find' in the shell with search string 'contour': just source related to plot

- Grepping the code: grep -RiIl --exclude '*plot*' contour .   from the top racket/ directory


I can't see a relevant source file, did I miss it? If not, what do I do now?
Have I missed some crucial source searching techniques, either specific to Racket or in general?

[side note: I wish it was possible to click a frame/widget and inspect/change it live (I have recently discovered Smalltalk and the 'liveliness' aspect of it is pretty rad)]

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