[racket] Request for guidance

From: Saad Bashir (bashir.saad at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jul 6 10:03:57 EDT 2013

I am a novice programmer - actually a novice learner - and this group and
2HTDP have been invaluable resources for me - really inspirational.

Through this group I learned about the launch of Realm of Racket.  I also
noted the advice by Matthias about the sequence to follow in learning (BSL.
ISL, ASL, racket).

I am in the first third of HTDP/2.

What I want to know is should I start with Realm of Racket too?  I have
obtained it and seems fun and has Matthias's  name - as a guarantor of
quality - on it.  Or should I complete HTDP and if I do so, will not need
to go through Realm of Racket at all?  Or should I do Realm of Racket first
and then HTDP?

Please give me an opinion.  I know Matthias follows posts and will be very
grateful for his advice.

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