[racket] [racket-dev] [ANN] RacketCon 2013: 29 September

From: Asumu Takikawa (asumu at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 3 00:46:32 EDT 2013

On 2013-07-02 18:30:20 -0400, Greg Hendershott wrote:
> Since ICFP early reg has opened, I wanted to reconfirm these dates.
> Plus, since there are some Saturday sessions, it might be good to know
> more if possible about the Hacketathon on Saturday, in case anyone
> isn't sure what to choose?

Yes, RacketCon will be held on September 29. We have the venue reserved
on the 28th for the Hackathon too. The 28th does conflict with several
ICFP workshops[1]. In case anyone was planning to go between venues, the
ICFP venue is accessible by public transit from RacketCon and vice versa
(~50 minute trip).

We will be updating the wiki page[2] closer to the event, but please do
feel free to add any project suggestions. See last year's page[3] for

[1]: http://www.icfpconference.org/icfp2013/affiliated.html
[2]: https://github.com/plt/racket/wiki/RacketCon-Hackathon-2013
[3]: https://github.com/plt/racket/wiki/RacketCon-Hackathon-2012


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