[racket] inline source documentation->html tool for Racket? (like Pydoc or Javadoc?)

From: Christopher (ultimatemacfanatic at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 1 14:11:04 EDT 2013

Hey all,

Is there an inline source documentation to HTML tool for Racket?  I want to document my Racket module functions and classes and variables in the .rkt file and then run it through a tool that will extract the documentation from my comments and dump it into an HTML file or files.  You know, something like Pydoc or Javadoc.  Does it exist for Racket, something that works in that fashion?  If not, what is available?

I looked at Scribble, but that looks like one has to make a file separate from the .rkt file and separate the documentation from the implementation between two files.  I'm not fond of that approach (though I may capitulate to adopting it if I have to) because it's hard enough for me to keep the documentation and the implementation in sync when they are in the same file, and I imagine it would be even harder if they are in different files.  Coming from Python, I'm not used splitting the doc and implementation, and I haven't been sold on that way of doing it as yet, but if anyone wants to make any argument why doing it the Scribble way is just as good or better, I'm open to listening.



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