[racket] Question about sandbox.rktl failing its unit test

From: Tim Brown (tim.brown at cityc.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 1 12:32:58 EDT 2013


I've just built racket-5.3.5 on Solaris-11 Intel (32 and 64 bit flavours).
Because I need to embed Racket into C, as well as run it standalone, I have
also built both the CGC (Boehm) and 3m (default) versions.

So that's four versions of racket. All of which seem to run with stability.

However, I have run the `all.rkt` test suite on all four, and it bails out
in sandbox.rkt with:

$ /usr/local/racket-master/SunOS-5.11-amd64/bin/racketcgc -f 
[successful sandbox tests ending in...]
(#<procedure:run> #<procedure:...ket/sandbox.rktl:75:55>) ==> (exn: 
#(struct:exn:fail:contract "bytes-length: contract violation\n  expected: 
bytes?\n  given: #f" #<continuation-mark-set>))
   BUT EXPECTED (vals: 400000)
[then about 10 further tests]
(#<procedure:run*> #<procedure:...ket/sandbox.rktl:73:55>) ==> 
(#<procedure:run*> #<procedure:...ket/sandbox.rktl:73:55>) ==> (exn: 
#(struct:exn:fail "current-load-relative-directory: `exists' access denied 
/usr/local/racket-master/SunOS-5.11-amd64/lib/racket/collects/tests/racket/" #<continuation-mark-set>))
(#<procedure:e-match?> "terminated .thread-killed.$" #<procedure:run> 
#<procedure:...ket/sandbox.rktl:76:55>) ==> #t
[finishing in]
current-load-relative-directory: `exists' access denied for 

It turns out that /usr/local is a symlink to /usr2/local (and therefore
/usr/local/racket... is physically located on /usr2/local/racket...).

The final exception is not one that is handled as an exception in the test

There are a number of questions raised:
   * is this failure, in sandbox checking `exists', an intended behaviour
     when the file in question is a symbolic link (or descendent)?
   * if not, is this a Solaris file system issue (does this problem not
     manifest itself on Linux)?
   * should the final exception be caught?
     And therefore increase the number of failed tests/exceptions?
     And allow the test suite to progress.

If someone could tell me how they would expect a symlink in a sandbox
to be handled, and if Solaris is not behaving as expected I'll take a look
at it.



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