[racket] disable inlining

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Feb 27 17:26:21 EST 2013

How do I disable inlining?

I have tried "--no-jit", "PLTNOMZJIT", and "eval-jit-enabled".

stamourv pointed out "raco make --disable-inline", but this app is built 
using "raco setup", and this app is peculiar anyway, so I before I 
started reworking the build process, I thought I'd double check.

Reason for asking...

  I have a large system that works with 5.2.1, but breaks strangely with 
5.3 and later.  It does evals and dynamic requires, and so, under 5.3 
and later, there are runtime messages like:

mzc optimizer: inlining: involving: #(xxx #<path:/yyy/zzz.ss> 1302 2 
57481 33 #f) size: 1 threshold: 64

Part of the list result of this inlined procedure seems to be involved 
in the misbehaving code.

I'd like to rule out that the problem is caused by inlining.

Neil V.

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