[racket] TR Optional Keyword N-Ary Quantum Probabilistic Arg Support

From: Ray Racine (ray.racine at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 26 17:44:14 EST 2013

Just kidding about support for quantum probabilistic args.  But *wow*
totally sweet that the below is (so far!!) working nicely.    Things are
really getting nailed down and tied off.  Love it.  Keep up the good work
TR folk.

(require/typed racket/format
 (~a (String *
      [#:separator String ]
      [#:width Natural]
      [#:max-width Natural]
      [#:min-width Natural]
      [#:limit-marker String]
      [#:align (U 'left 'right 'center)]
      [#:pad-string String]
      [#:left-pad-string String]
      [#:right-pad-string String]
      -> String)))

(: main (-> String))
(define (main)
  (~a "north" "by" "north-west" #:separator " "))

"north by north-west"
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